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The Interactive Village - nm2

A reconfigurable portrait of life in the Czech village of Dolní Roveň, developing a model of interactive ethnographic movie-making for both professionals and communities. Movies are compiled dynamically to reflect engagers’ choices of place and topic, made via a picture-based interface; new story-directions can be selected during playback.

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We formed the NM2 (New Media for a New Millennium) consortium exploring and developing the strategies and software that could deliver interactive stories and narratives via broadband. This 3-year research project (part funded by the European Union) in collaboration with 13 academic and industrial partners across Europe provided me with the opportunity to produce The Interactive Village experimental ethnography. The production, which offers a documentary profile of the Czech village Dolní Roveň, allows users to piece together an individual viewing based on their own interests and choices. These can be selected through interaction with the user interface which facilitates navigation through the village to meet the inhabitants and to determine subject and depth of the information. 


BT, Sony Netservices (SNS); Malmö University; University of Art and Design Helsinki; Illuminations Television; Goldsmiths College, University of London; Cambridge University Moving Image Studio; TNO, Netherlands; Telefónica, Spain; Joanneum Research, Austria; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

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