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terence wright
selected publications

2023 'Et in Arcadia: the British in France'. Photographic case study in  Jerome W. Crowder, Jonathan S. Marion Visual Research 2nd edition. Taylor & Francis. 


2016 The Photography Handbook.  3rd edition. Routledge.

2014 'The Media and Representations of Refugees and Other Forced Migrants'. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (ed.) et al. The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies  Oxford University Press.

2013 'The Home Front'. Photographic case study in  Jerome W. Crowder, Jonathan S. Marion Visual Research  1st edition Taylor & Francis.

2012 'Visual Culture, Ethnography, and Interactive Media' in Ullrich Kockel, Máiréad Nic Craith, Jonas Frykmania A Companion to the Anthropology of Europe Oxford:Blackwell


2008 Visual Impact: culture and the meaning of images. Routledge


'2008 'The 'Creative Treatment of Actuality' - Visions and Revisions in Representing Truth' in Architectures of Illusion - from Motion Pictures to Navigable Interactive Environments (Thomas, Maureen and Penz, Francois eds) Intellect Books, Bristol UK/Oregon

2003 ‘Collateral Coverage: media images of Afghan refugees during the 2001 emergency’ Working Paper 62. New Issues in Refugee Research. United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Geneva. Also published in Visual Studies 2004


2002 'Moving Images: the media representation of refugees’ Visual Studies 17 (1) Routledge 53-66


2001 “Reflections on 'the looking glass war': photography, espionage and the Cold War” Visual Sociology 16(1) 75-88. 


1998 'Systems of representation: towards the integration of digital photography into the practice of creating visual images' Visual Anthropology. Vol. II. 207-220. 


 1998 "Re-Presenting the Batwa: the Archive and the Computer" Digital Creativity. Vol. 9. No. 3. 175-180. 


1994 "Photography: Theories of Realism and Convention" chapter in E. Edwards (ed.) Anthropology and Photography, 1860-1920  Yale University Press.  


1992 "Television Narrative and Ethnographic Film" chapter in Film as Ethnography.  Manchester University Press.  

1991 "The Fieldwork Photographs of Jenness and Malinowski and the Beginnings of Modern Anthropology"  Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Vol.XXII No.1 Hilary.  41-58


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